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Creative Arts

DigitizingPro.com creative arts offers a full range of graphic, vector, and image editing, including image correction, digital image processing, photo scanning, and photo manipulation.

DigitizingPro.com provides graphic services for image correction and image manipulation, and these range from image cropping to enhancement and retouching. DigitizingPro.com converts any illustration, artwork, logo, stencil, sign, crest, badge, decal design, patch, painting, photograph, and caricature into hand drawn vector image. All your images are hand drawn in Adobe illustrator or Corel Draw to convert into high quality vector files.

Services include:

  • Process the source images by cleaning up if required (sometimes removing unwanted background which means extract the image only by using lasso tool)
  • Adding a uniform background color
  • Image cropping: making the image suitable for web hosting by trimming the edges or cropping the background
  • Adding a border
  • Photo enhancement: work on lighting, resolution, backgrounds, shadows and colors
  • adding a watermark/signature
  • Photo retouching: to remove creases or any extraneous objects; black and white images can be converted to color and vice versa
  • Re-sizing to different size options for thumbnail, normal, and zoom view etc.
  • Strictly following your file naming convention for the images
  • Product Mock–up for client presentation with their logo on it

DigitizingPro.com has a team of professional artists. They will redraw your unclean logo, raster artwork or any blurred bitmap image to precision vector format. We do not use any automated raster to vector conversion software available in the market. Hand-drawn images reduce the file size and number of lumps and also eliminate overlapping cut lines. In short, hand-drawing solves all problems that may be found with software-produced vector output. Our vector converted files are ready for printing, plotting, engraving, etching, vinyl cutting, or for any other use.
We at DigitizingPro.com believe in long standing relationships with our clientele. Thus, we understand the importance of giving one-on-one support to our clients. We are committed to provide you the best design outputs and excellent customer support.
Honesty and integrity are our core values and we appreciate that each of our clients deserves our time and attention equally, no matter what the size or volume of work is. Our goal is to provide high quality service to every client. We believe in producing work that would make our clients happy and we can truly be proud of.


2200 S. Main St., Suite 202, Lombard, IL 60148
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